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The Electrical and Systems Engineering Department has procured autonomous driving car projects for the Electrical and Systems Engineering senior capstone design project. In this project, our goal is to design and create an autonomous version of the car and autonomous drive in a specific pathway by using a variety of sensors, in our case, the Lidar sensor. To control the car, we use a PID controller to control the servo of the car by changing the angle and keeping the car in the middle of the pathway. We use Raspberry Pi as a microprocessor using the Robotic Operating System (ROS) to be the signals acceptor for the car and use Traxxas Rustler as Car.

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About the team

Tom Fare: My name is Tom Fare. I am studying Systems Engineering and Computer Science. I am intrested in coding and web design.

Kai Hu: My name is Kai. I am a Systems Engineering student with a study in control field.

Sam Li: My name is Sam Li. I am a electrical engineering dual degree student who is about to enter the graduate program of Data Analytics and Statistics here at WashU. I am interested in using data analysis to solve financial issues in the future.